Probate, Trusts and Estates Litigation and Appeals

  • Prosecuted and defended multi-jurisdiction actions for trustee removal, undue influence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and breach of contract for high-profile, nine-figure estate, including media and crisis management, with summary judgments entered for client.
  • Prosecuted beneficiary’s breach of fiduciary action against trustees involving $5 million marital and testamentary trusts, resulting in settlement by which beneficiary obtained trust funds.
  • Prosecuted removal of co-trustee action involving family residuary trust, resulting in temporary and then permanent removal of trustee and judgments, affirmed on appeal, including awards of attorney’s fees for trial and appeals.
  • Prosecuted and defended petitions to determine incapacity; guardianship proceedings.
  • Represented primary beneficiary against personal representatives and professionals for claims of undue influence and improper trust and estate administration, resulting in settlement by which funds were paid over to beneficiary.
  • Represented individuals in commercial and dissolution proceedings to interpret various trust instruments.